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Choosing Your Niche – Passion or Profit

When choosing my niche should i choose passion or think profit?

If you want to have a successful internet business and make money you are going to want to think about your niche very carefully.  Passion or profit is something you are going to have to consider right away.

A niche is your subject, it’s what you are going to write about on your website, and trust me, if you are looking to build an authority site then you will be spending hundreds of hours writing content for your chosen niche.

What’s the problem with choosing a niche I am passionate about?

There isn’t necessarily a problem, indeed I would say that writing about something you are really into is going to be easier for you than writing about a subject you don’t care about.  You have knowledge of the subject and will likely enjoy writing about it.

Think about this though, what if nobody ever searches for anything to do with your niche, or what if your niche is so popular that there are already thousands of websites covering it?  Either one of those scenarios leads to you making next to no money because you will not get enough traffic to your site.


So I need to choose a niche that I’m not really interested in but is profitable?

This depends on who you ask.  Some people will say that if you are really serious about making money online then you need only concern yourself about choosing a niche that is profitable.

My opinion is that you can be successful choosing a niche you have an interest in, however you will need to narrow your chosen niche down a bit so that it’s not too broad or too general.

I can’t imagine having to write about a subject I have little or no interest in literally day after day.  If your hearts not in it you will struggle to write quality content, plus each day will seem like a real grind.


How do I choose a profitable niche?

What niches are profitable?  Think about it like this, a niche is a group of people who need something; it might be information or a service of some kind.  You are the person who is going to give them what they want.  These people will become your target audience.

Wealth, health and romance are areas that millions of people need help or information about.  These are all big niches, but are they profitable.  Oh yeah !! They are massively profitable, however this leads us to another problem.

They are so popular that you will face stiff competition from the millions of other websites dealing with wealth health and romance.  This again means that you will struggle to get visitors to your site because they will not see you in Google.

Help, my niche is too broad!

Let’s use an example of a niche that is way too broad.


The problem with a niche like Health is that it is far too big a subject.  Search for Health using Google and you will get over 3,580,000,000 results. That would be way too much competition, your website would never get anywhere near the first page of Google, or even the top ten.

If people don’t see you website on the first couple of pages your business will struggle, you just won’t get the traffic you need.

So I need to narrow it down a bit?

You need to narrow it down quite alot because over 3 billion is crazy.  Let’s be a little more specific, and think about something within the Health niche that we could choose. What about Healthy eating? That gives 79,900,000 results which although still quite broad is considerably better than the 3 billion results we had before.

Google is your friend, it can help you find your niche.

We can use Google to further narrow down our choice of niche.  Go ahead and type healthy eating into Google, now by going through the alphabet and adding letters to your search Google will suggest other things to search for that could be possible niches that you could choose.

So I added the letter A and Google has come up with some suggestions. Healthy eating apps gives us 18,100,000 results.  Better again, but play around and you will get some great ideas for possible niches.

You can use this method to find all kinds of Niches, and also the keywords you will be using to target you audience when writing content for your chosen niche.